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Server Racks Dell Server Rack HP Server Rack

Server racks, mounts, computer racks, cabinets and enclosures.

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HP 10642 G1 / G2 / G3 Server Rack Keys - Set of 2

Item Details

All HP G1 / G2 / G3 server racks are keyed alike.  These keys will work on all models below.  If your model is not listed below feel free to email us a picutre of the front door and lock and we can let you know if these keys will work for it.


  • 10642 G1
  • 10622 G2
  • 10636 G2
  • 10642 G2
  • 10647 G2
  • 10842 G2
  • 636 intelligent series
  • 642 intelligent series
  • 647 intelligent series
  • 842 intelligent series
  • 11622 G2 
  • 11636 G2
  • 11642 G2
  • 11647 G2
  • 11842 G2

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Toll Free:   (855) DSI-RACK

                   (855) 374-7225

Local:        (512) 347-9090


DSI Price: $30.00

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